What will be seen in Google Goggles future? People Recognition.

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

By Kevin Korpi on February 9th, 2010

Google Japan - Riku Inoue & Brad EllisLast night at the monthly Tokyo 2.0 event, Google Mobile Product Managers  Riku Inoue & Brad Ellis from Google Japan, gave a presentation entitled Convergence and beyond.

In my opinion the most interesting part was during the Q&A session that followed, I asked if Google had plans to add people or face recognition to Google Goggles? This would be possible since: Picassa has face recognition, Flickr has added people tagging, and of course Facebook has support for tagging people in photos.

Riku and Brad’s response was Google has person recognition working in a Google internal build of Goggles, but the feature was removed in the publicly released version due to privacy concerns.

However they also said, Google hasn’t given up on the feature and are trying to find the right approach to make sure people’s privacy is taken into account. When they do, the People recognition feature will be added to the public version of Goggles.

The 14 min. Google Japan presentation can be watched below in full (presentation is in english and Japanese. Apologies if the video quality isn’t good at times, this was recorded with my N97.)


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